Why Riverarch?

We are value-added partners before and after closing
We have significant experience working with entrepreneurial middle-market companies in a wide range of industries. Our approach is to collaborate with management at the board level to identify growth and business improvement opportunities while leaving day-to day operations to management. We also help to create value for our portfolio companies through significant experience in sourcing, negotiating, and integrating add-on acquisitions.

Flexible investment approach
Our flexible investment approach, along with our broad investment scope and holistic approach to deal evaluation, allows us to accommodate owners and management under a range of scenarios. For example, we can execute control or minority investments. We can also mitigate financial risk by investing in subordinated debt in conjunction with equity, and our structure allows for extended investment hold periods beyond those of traditional private equity funds.

Alignment of incentives
We seek to align our interests with those of management by providing meaningful incentives. For example, we typically provide incentive stock to allow management to participate in equity appreciation. In addition, any co-investment by management is in the same securities and pari passu (on equal footing) with our investment.

Strong track record
PNC has a strong track record of successful private equity investing and has consistently produced top tier investment returns. PNC's investment in private equity began in 1982 and has provided of equity capital to more than 100 companies. Our investment team has closed 17 platform acquisitions since 2003 along with numerous add-on acquisitions.

Importantly, we pride ourselves on our straightforward approach in working with all constituents.