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Five Star Food Service | Chattanooga, TN

Pirtek Europe

London, United Kingdom

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: November 2018

Pirtek Europe (“Pirtek”) is the leading franchisor and operator of hydraulic hose replacement and service businesses in Europe. Pirtek and its franchisees serve more than 50,000 customers from nearly 200 service centers in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Pirtek’s customers greatly value the company’s technical expertise, national service network, one hour response time, and 24/7 service.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Industrial service and repair businesses

Feeders Supply Company

Louisville, KY

Current Investment | Date of Investment: April 2016

Leading specialty pet products retailer primarily in the greater Louisville, Kentucky market. Founded in 1959, Feeders Supply currently operates 16 retail locations and focuses on providing "everything you need for all the pets you feed."

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Regional pet products retailers throughout the U.S.

Global Claims Services

Jacksonville, FL

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: September 2017

Leading provider of replacement value assessment and product matching services for residential insurance claims involving flooring, siding, and roofing damage in the U.S. and Canada.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Insurance services companies in the U.S. and internationally

North American Breaker Company (NABCO)

Burbank, CA

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: January 2015

Leading specialty reseller of circuit breakers and related electrical components dedicated to “need-it-now” product solutions for wholesale electrical distributors. Founded in 1996, NABCO serves over 3,000 wholesale distributors, allowing them to offer end customers a comprehensive line of circuit breakers and related products. The company carries over 10,000 distinct product offerings and emphasizes difficult-to-source products not regularly stocked by traditional distributors. NABCO is headquartered in Burbank, CA and services customers from nine inventory-equipped warehouse locations, enabling next-day delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of electrical and telecommunication products

Painters Supply & Equipment Co (PSE)

Taylor, MI

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: June 2017

Leading distributor of automotive, industrial, and architectural coatings in the United States.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Distributors of automotive, industrial, fleet, and architectural coatings and associated products located throughout North America

Precision Aviation Group

Taylor, MI

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: December 2012

Leading provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul services. Founded in 1993, PAG provides comprehensive supply chain and Inventory Supported MRO services (ISMRO®) for instruments, avionics, and accessories for a variety of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Serving over 3,000 customers in 62 countries, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with facilities in Vancouver, BC; Long Beach, CA; Peachtree City, GA; Lafayette, LA; and Brisbane, Australia.

Steelite International

Taylor, MI

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: September 2017

Leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of tableware, glassware, and other tabletop products to restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice operators. Founded in 1983, Steelite is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of tabletop ranges to a customer base that includes the largest international restaurant and hotel chains, as well as some of the finest independent restaurants in the world.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of foodservice equipment and supplies

Authority Brands

Columbia, MD

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: August 2014

Leading franchisor of residential cleaning businesses with over 180 franchised service territories in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1977, TCA has developed a proven franchise system which affords franchises territorial exclusivity, turn-key marketing and operational support, and access to proprietary business management software. The company’s franchises provide regular cleaning services to over 80,000 customers.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Home services franchisors


Warren, MI

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: February 2017

The nation’s leading designer and manufacturer of light-equipment, fixtures, and specialty signage for the car wash industry. The company serves more than 2,000 car wash operators, distributors, and OEMs across all 50 states, offering 1,300+ active SKUs in a broad range of "must-have" functional product categories that drive meaningful incremental volume and returns for car washes.


Cleveland, OH

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: March 2018

Value-added supplier of consumable, non-discretionary maintenance, cleaning, safety, and hygiene products to more than 35,000 commercial and industrial customers in North America. The company offers a broad range of over 3,000 products such as gloves, industrial wiping products, and general hygiene and safety items. The company has a differentiated business model with proprietary brands and global sourcing capabilities and is well-diversified across suppliers, customers, and end markets.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • One- or two-step distributors providing consumable maintenance, cleaning, or safety products

Custom Molded Products

Newnan, GA

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: November 2013

Leading manufacturer and distributor of specialized plastic components used in spas, pools, and whirlpool baths. The company offers over 3,500 SKUs and is focused on outward-facing components such as jets and filters. CMP serves over 350 active customers, including leading spa OEMs and pool distributors.

Environmental Express

Charleston, SC

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: March 2011

Leading provider of consumable supplies and equipment to the environmental testing laboratory market. The company’s primary strategy is to convert customers from labor intensive testing methods to more efficient processes, utilizing automation and disposable supplies. Environmental Express serves over 2,500 customers in the commercial, municipal, and industrial testing lab segments.

Fire & Life Safety America

Richmond, VA

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: June 2015

Leading provider of comprehensive fire and life safety solutions with an emphasis on maintenance, repair, and installation of a range of fire detection and suppression systems such as alarms, fire detection devices, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. The company maintains a highly recurring customer base consisting of over 4,000 customers throughout 14 branch locations in the mid-Atlantic region and nationally through a large and diverse partner network.

LawLogix Group

Phoenix, AZ

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: December 2012

Leading provider of software-as-a-service solutions and data migration services to law firms, employers, and non-profit organizations. The company provides immigration case management, electronic I-9 compliance, and E-Verify solutions with a focus on engineering excellence, stellar customer service and support, and thorough legal analysis.

Deal Team:

New Carbon Company

South Bend, IN

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: April 2012

Leading provider of waffle mix to independent and chain restaurants, hotels, resorts, colleges, and other foodservice channels. The company pioneered The Waffle Program, whereby customers are provided a complementary waffle iron and subsequent maintenance in exchange for an agreement to purchase mix exclusively from New Carbon. The company maintains long-standing relationships with many of the largest restaurant and hotel chains, and serves over 40,000 customer locations.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Realized Investment | Date of Investment: December 2012

Leading operator of 48 Burger King restaurants in Florida. Since its founding in 1980 with a single restaurant, Goldco has consistently grown its footprint through new store development and acquisitions of contiguous franchisees.

Sola Salon Studios

Denver, CO

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: October 2018

Sola Salon Studios (“Sola”) is a leading franchisor and operator of high-end, fully equipped salon suites for beauty professionals. Founded in 2004, Sola assists franchisees in designing and developing facilities with multiple salon suites: single- or double-chair salons that franchisees lease to independent beauty professionals. The salon suite model provides beauty professionals the opportunity for independent business ownership, with control over their schedule and work environment. The Company has over 400 locations, encompassing over 130 franchisees and over 10,000 independent beauty professionals.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Beauty and health services franchise opportunities

Burrell Reagents

Pittsburgh, PA

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: November 2018

Leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of specialty chemicals, supplies, and equipment used in analytical testing labs and production operations throughout North America. With an offering that includes over 50,000 SKUs, Burrell Reagents serves over 1,500 customers and is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and technical support while adhering to stringent quality standards.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of chemicals or supplies sold to analytical labs and/or the life sciences industry

Five Star Food Service

Chattanooga, TN

Current Portfolio | Date of Investment: October 2016

Leading provider of on-site food and beverage solutions to employers and other commercial, institutional, and educational locations across the Southeastern United States. Five Star’s offering includes micro markets, vending, office coffee and water delivery, catering, and cafeteria services.

Seeking Add-on Acquisitions:

  • On-site food and beverage solutions providers throughout the U.S., particularly with offerings that include micro markets, vending, office coffee, or water delivery