Investment Philosophy

PNC Riverarch Capital focuses on companies with a proven customer value proposition and a strong market position protected by a sustainable competitive advantage. These companies typically display an attractive margin profile and a strong performance history.

Collaborative approach
We prefer to partner with successful existing management teams, but we also consider situations that require management transitions. We are committed to maintaining a collaborative approach with management throughout the transaction and the life of the investment. We maintain active board-level involvement while entrusting day-to-day operations to management and seek to create a sense of ownership throughout the management team with performance incentives.

Fundamental value creation
We focus on fundamental value creation, not financial engineering, by using leverage prudently and structuring transactions to mitigate business risk. We target investments with identifiable growth and value-creation opportunities, and we collaborate with management and external consultants to identify, prioritize, and execute investment objectives and growth opportunities.

Flexible investment approach
We have a broad investment scope and a holistic approach to deal evaluation. We can execute control or minority investments. Our structure allows for extended investment hold periods beyond those of traditional private equity funds. And we can invest subordinated debt in conjunction with equity, mitigating financing risk.